Adult Programs

Tennis Coaching for Adults

Our group tennis coaching sessions for adults are ideal for:

  • Beginners and Intermediates
  • Players with a little experience
  • Anyone who’s been out of the game for a while and needs to brush up their skills

Ladies Coaching

Our main focus with the beginner group is to help ladies develop their skills so they can play the game as soon as possible. Players are taught to understand their racquet (strings and swings), the ball and the court and how to get the best result in a quick and easy way. We focus first on achieving a desired outcome (get the serve in, etc) before worrying too much about how it is done. Once those basics are understood, students are ready to move into the intermediate group.

In the intermediate group there is more emphasis on the development of advanced techniques, as each player looks to do more with the ball. Some of the topics covered can include improved footwork and positioning, developing more effective racquet preparation, and mastering of the grips. The coach will assess the group and choose which skills need to be taught in order for each player to improve. The players also begin to learn basic strategy for singles and doubles.

Up to 6 players per coach.

There are 1hr or 1.5hr sessions that run for 10 weeks each term.

Coaching for Men and Women

This program caters for beginner to intermediate level.

These groups are perfect for people wanting to learn the game, advanced beginners (those who have had a limited number of lessons or who have played a little tennis before) and intermediates who are still developing their skills, and for those players that want to get back into the game after time away from playing.

The program focuses on getting the basics right and developing solid and dependable strokes in order to get you playing (or back playing) the game as quickly as you can.

Players are split into groups according to ability.

Up to 6 players per coach.

There are 1hr or 1.5hr sessions that run for 10 weeks each term.