Frequently Asked Questions



What age can my child start lessons?

We have tennis programs from 3.5 years of age up to 17 years of age.  View all of our programs here.

Which program is best for my child?

If your child has no or very little previous tennis experience, they will start in a development level program (Blue, Red, Orange, Green & Teenage Tennis) suitable for their age group and will be assessed by our coaches. If our coaches decide a different level is required, you will be notified.

If your child has played tennis for a while, please call or email us to discuss.

We have 4 tiers of junior tennis development and 1 competition stream. Within each tier there are 3 levels to ensure your child is playing at the appropriate level for their ability. Tennis Factory’s great coaches are constantly assessing the players in the programs to ensure they are playing and being challenged at the right level.

To read more about our programs click here.

When and where are lessons held?

Our tennis lessons are held after school at our two clubs: Onslow Park Tennis Club, Shenton Park and East Fremantle Tennis Club, East Fremantle. We also run before-school programs at a number of schools. Please click here to see our list of primary schools.

Do I need a racquet?

We do have racquets that can be borrowed for a short period of time at no charge, after that our preference is for players to purchase their own racquets.. Our coaches can advise you of the best racquet options for you or your child at the time of your first lesson.

Can I join mid term?

Yes, as long as there is space in the group. The lesson fees will be determined on a pro-rata basis.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes! We offer a free trial for any children’s/adult group lesson. Contact us via email or phone to arrange a lesson date and time.

Do I need to be great at tennis to join Cardio classes?

If you are an absolute beginner with no tennis experience, we recommend joining a coaching program first however if you have previous tennis experience Cardio Tennis is suitable. The coach will lead you through exercises to get you moving and hitting the ball. Please be aware however that Cardio Tennis is a fitness program and the coach will not be able to help you with technique during these sessions.

How much is a Cardio/Drills session?

The cost for a Cardio Tennis session is $20/session or a Cardio Pass can be purchased for $160 (9 sessions for the price of 8).

The cost for a Drills session is $30/session or a Cardio Pass can be purchased for $240 (9 sessions for the price of 8).

How do I book into a Cardio/Drills session?

Cardio (Onslow Park & East Fremantle) and Drills (Onslow Park only) sessions are very popular and places are limited, so we recommend booking to ensure you’re spot. Bookings are made online via our website. Go to enrol > select ‘Drop-in Session’ > sign into your account > choose your location > book into your class.

For more in-depth instructions click here.

How do I book private lesson/s and what are the costs?

We offer private lessons to junior and adults all year. To arrange private lesson/s please email us your available days, times, length of lesson, and club location. The Head Coach will then check coach availability and advise you.

For the options and costs for private lesson/s click here.

Do you offer Creche services?

We offer creche for our Thursday morning cardio sessions at East Fremantle Tennis Club. Please email at least 24hrs prior so that we can book the Creche facilitator.

Do I need to re-enrol each term?

We provisionally enrol existing students into the next term’s lessons based on their current enrolment, as best we can. Players then have 1 week (priority booking week) to confirm and secure their new enrolment with payment. After that, all unsecured enrolments are removed and places are opened up to everyone. Players can still enrol themselves in the same class after that date, if spaces are available. If you require any changes to yours or your child’s enrolment please let us know.


How do I book a makeup lesson using my lesson credit?

Log into your INTENNIS account. Click on COACHING on the top tab and on the drop down menu select REDEEM LESSON CREDIT. This will show you the lesson credit available for you to use and to redeem. Please select a class which is most similar to your current enrolment.

For the lessons

What do I need to bring to my lesson?

Please wear clothing that allows you to move freely such as sports shorts/skirt and top. Sports shoes/sneakers are also required. No thongs, sandals or bare feet are allowed. In summer please wear a hat and sunscreen. Always bring a water bottle to your lesson. We have water fountains at each venue. We do have racquets that can be borrowed for a short period of time at no charge, after that our preference is for players to purchase their own racquets. All other equipment including balls is provided.

Where do I go for my child’s first lesson?

When you arrive at the clubhouse, look for a Tennis Factory staff member (dark blue shirt/jumper) and they will advise you of where to go.

When/how will I be notified if a class is cancelled due to rain/heat?

On extremely hot (37 degrees and above) or very wet days, the decision whether to cancel group lessons for bad weather will be made 30-45mins prior to the commencement of the lesson and contact will be made via SMS. Please ensure we always have a current mobile number on which to contact you.

Cancellation of one group lesson does not necessarily mean that other lessons will be cancelled that day. Some lessons may take place indoors.

On rare occasions, please respect that we may need to cancel a lesson immediately prior to the lesson start time in unpredictable weather.

No catch-up lesson is offered if you decide to not attend because it may rain but the lesson goes ahead.

What happens to a missed class due to Tennis Factory cancellation (rain/heat)?

If Tennis Factory cancels a group lesson, an extra week is automatically added to the end of the term. We endeavour to complete the full 8 lessons in every term. If this is not possible due to term dates/weather, we will offer credit towards one day of Holiday Camp of your choice for juniors or credit towards future lessons for adults.

Do you offer catchups if I can’t make a lesson?

Yes we do. Catch-up lessons are offered if a spot is available in an equivalent level of class. You have 2 weeks from the date of the missed lesson to complete a catch-up. Email to organise. Failure to do so, will result in the catch-up lesson being forfeited and no credit will be given. Please note catchups have to be taken in the same term as the original missed lesson.

For more information, please click here.

How to cancel a Cardio/Drills session and what happens to my pass?

Please email us at least 24hrs before the Cardio/Drills session is to commence. Failure to do so may result in you being charged for the session.

Once your booked session has been cancelled by us, your pass will be credited back to your Tennis Factory account for future booking.


What to do if I can’t sign into my Tennis Factory account?

Contact our office for assistance via email or phone.

What is your refund policy?

Please read our refund policy here.

Do you offer restringing services?

Yes! If you need your racquet restrung, please give your racquet to your coach who will arrange it with Admin. Different strings are available and the cost ranges from $35-$55 including labour. If you are unsure of what string and/or tension is required, a coach will contact you to discuss.  24hr turn around is possible. Good quality strings will be used.