Our Mission and Values

Our Mission and the Values we Stand by

The simple fact is we love tennis!! And if you don’t love tennis already, we’re confident that if you come and spend some time with us, you soon will!

Our Mission

Our amazing winning team cares about providing the very best professional tennis coaching program and services to our passionate customers.

We want our tennis clubs and tennis courts full of people playing and having fun whether it’s for fitness, friendship, personal mastery or aspirations to be world no.1.

Our valued staff love coming to work where they continue to develop their skills, creating and sharing new and innovative ideas that not only benefit our players but are also of value to tennis coaches and tennis players worldwide.

Our Values

Caring – We care about you and your experiences with us. We want to get to know you and what you want from your tennis.

Excellence – We strive for excellence with everything we do. We want you to love coming to our tennis clubs to see us, knowing that you are going to have a good time and that you’ll receive the very best service on and off the court.

Progress – We think we have the best tennis coaches in Perth so there’s no doubt that if you have a tennis lesson with us you will progress and improve. Progression doesn’t just mean your skills though, it also means helping you to progress to the next level, the next class, social tennis, tournament tennis etc.  Whatever your goals may be, we will try our best to help you achieve them.

Fun – It goes without saying, doesn’t it? That doesn’t just mean you either, our staff love having fun too! Without it, what’s the point in all of this?

Team-work – None of what we do could be achieved without having a passionate group of staff who love the game and love coming to work. Our team respect, encourage and help each other in order to deliver a great tennis coaching program for you to enjoy.

Humility – It doesn’t matter what you, or we have or have not achieved we will treat you the same as everyone else and we expect the same back. Each person has got their own story and each one is as different as the next. It’s what makes the world go around.

So let’s go play and have some fun!!!