Private Lessons

Private tennis lessons with Perth’s best tennis coaches

Private tennis lessons are available at both Onslow Park Tennis Club and East Fremantle Lawn Tennis Club. Private tennis lessons are available for both individuals and groups. We have availability from 6am-9pm most days of the week, so we’ll try and find a day and time that suits.

The fastest way to improve

Private individual tennis lessons are the fastest way to improve. Working 1-on-1 with the tennis coach of your choice, you can work on all of the areas you need to improve on. With private individual tennis lessons, you can get straight on to the problem areas of your game or strengthen shots so they’re even better.

You can choose to do one lesson to focus on a specific shot or part of your game you need help with; or choose to do a block of lessons where the coach can work on all areas of your game including your tactical play. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or experienced player, our team of Perth’s best tennis coaches will be able to help you improve.

Tennis is a technical game

The key to playing great tennis is sound technique. Good technique will allow you to control the ball far more easily and give you the confidence to hit where you want. Tennis is a tactical game and if you are able to execute strategically then you are on your way to becoming an accomplished player.

Though technique is developed during group lessons, we can target your individual needs and develop your skills faster in a private individual lesson.

Private tennis lessons or group tennis lessons?

For juniors, we would advise you start in one of our Tennis Hot Shots group lessons.

Beginner adults would be better starting with a private tennis lesson. Your coach can assess your standard and will recommend an appropriate program for you. This may be one of our adult coaching groups or a series of private tennis lessons to target your specific needs.

Too old and too many bad habits for a tennis coach to correct?

Most adults like the idea of a private tennis lesson but are worried that a coach may try to change their shots so dramatically that they might not be able to play at alI! In your first lesson we will assess your shots and discuss with you what you would like to improve in your game. If you are looking to take just a couple of lessons, then we will give you some basic tips which you can easily remember and put into practice whilst playing outside of the lesson. If you make the decision that you would like to make some changes to how you hit the ball, then we will tell you how many lessons it will take to achieve.

At what age should my child start taking private tennis lessons?

Children generally benefit from private tennis lessons from about 8 or 9 years of age. There is a period of time between the ages of 9-13 years where the learning of motor skills is at its most optimal. This is not entirely prescriptive as obviously children develop at different rates. But if you were going to invest in giving your child the skills to play the game competently or at a high level then this would be the age at which to do it.

For maximum benefit we advise a private tennis lesson and a group tennis lesson once a week. Your child will be able to take what they have learnt in the individual lesson and apply it in the group lesson.