Timetables & Pricing

Private Lessons

Private tennis lessons are available for both individuals and groups at Shenton Park and East Fremantle. We have availability from 6am-9pm most days of the week, so we’ll try our best to find a day and time that suits you.

Lessons with our Pro’s

Matt and Costa would love to be able to teach everyone who wants to do private lessons with them, but their schedules are very full, and they have limited availability for new students.

Please do ask if you would like to have private lessons with Matt or Costa, but don’t be offended if they say they can’t fit you in. We have a great team of coaches and we will select an excellent alternative for you from our team.

Type30 Minutes45 Minutes1 Hour
1 Lesson$70$90$100
8 Lessons or more$65$85$95

Lessons with our senior coaches

Type30 Minutes45 Minutes1 Hour
1 Lesson$60$75$85
8 Lessons or more$55$70$80

Private group lessons

Price is per person, per session.

Type45 Minutes1 Hour
2 Students$45$50
3 Students$45$50
4 Students$35$40
5 Students$27$30
6 Students$23$25

*All prices are in AUD
*All prices include GST