Tennis Hot Shots

What is Tennis Hot Shots?

Tennis Hot Shots is comprised of three stages: Red, Orange and Green.

Benefits of playing Tennis Hot Shots at an earlier age vs old school yellow ball:

  • At each stage, the size of the court, the height of the net and the type of balls are matched to the size and strength of the players.
  • Players progress through the stages as they develop in physical size and ability.
  • The red, orange and green balls are depressurised compared with regular yellow tennis balls to slow the game down. The slower pace gives players more time and control, making tennis easier to play
  • The balls don’t bounce as high as yellow balls, so children can develop good shot technique, hitting the ball around waist height rather than constantly chasing it over their heads.
  • The reduced-sized courts allow children to cover the court more easily, getting to more balls and feeling like they have more control of their shots.
  • Finally, players use smaller racquets, sized appropriately for each player’s physique.

Tennis Hot Shots: court sizes

Tennis Hot Shots: balls

Using Tennis Hot Shots equipment allows children to enjoy and develop their game in a way that they couldn’t on full-size courts with pressurised balls.

Even at an early age, children can maintain a rally and feel like they can play matches just like the professionals on the TV!

Just see how similar red ball tennis is to professional tennis here.

Tennis Factory at forefront of Tennis Hot Shots

Tennis Factory was at the forefront of the introduction of Tennis Hot Shots to Australia. We ran Australia’s first modified tennis tournament in October 2006. The overwhelming success of that first tournament demonstrated the potential of the format, and now modified tennis forms the basis of Tennis Australia‘s starter programme, Tennis Hot Shots.

Following our initial success, Tennis Factory continued to be one of the leading providers of modified tennis in Australia, as recognised by Tennis Australia (TA) in 2009 when our Director Matt Bull, was appointed one of TA’s Hot Shots Ambassadors – a group of Australia’s foremost experts in modified tennis.

In December 2010, Matt was recognised still further when TA awarded him the inaugural Australian Tennis Award for Coaching Excellence – Tennis Hot Shots.

And in January 2012, Matt became one of the first (and WA’s only) Hot Shots Mentors, a select group of 18 of the best Hot Shots coaches in Australia. Not only does this appointment recognise past success, it ensures Matt is linked in to a network of the nation’s top coaches who share new ideas and continue to develop the programme with the help of the world’s top experts in modified tennis.

Take a look at our YouTube video to see how our modified tennis programme can have young children enjoying a game of tennis after only one term of lessons.


Perth’s best tennis coaches

Learn from the best at Tennis Factory. Our Tennis Australia qualified coaches have recognised tennis coaching qualifications, insurance and working with children checks.

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