New trading terms

Update – 11/9/23

Term 3 players and waitlisted players – if you want to do weekly group lessons in Term 4 (October to December period) you must ensure you have added your direct debit (DD) details into our new booking system to confirm your or your child/children’s term 4 enrolment. These players have already been enrolled manually by Admin so you are only required to add your direct debit details. If you have not done this, you are in risk of losing your spot.

New customers for certain classes are waiting for places in busy groups and if you have not completed your DD details, we will soon be removing you from your group to give them the opportunity to play. Act now.

New customers – you can book in to your preferred group if there is space available and you must ensure you have provided us your direct debit (DD) details.

If there is currently no space in your preferred group, please check back at a later time(next week), as some term 3/waitlisted players may no longer be continuing and have been removed to create vacancies.


We are excited to tell you about changes to our weekly group coaching program (not pay as you play classes such as Cardio Tennis) from Term 4 (October) which will provide you with more flexibility and ease when using our services. 

 What are the main changes and why –  

  •  Moving from 8 week to 10 week terms – to improve consistency and skill building we are moving our weekly lessons from 8 weeks to 10 weeks of lessons per term. The more you play, the better you get, the more you’ll enjoy the game.  
  • Lessons are continuous – meaning no need to sign-up each term. Sign-up once and stay enrolled until you advise us you want to stop. There are 40 weeks of lessons per year. 
  • No confusion when tennis is on – We run every week of the school term so no more confusion whether tennis is on or not. No play on public holidays. We do coach on pupil free days at our clubs but not at the school locations.  
  • Payment is now split over the course of the term – pay fortnightly via direct debit (credit card or bank account). There are no additional bank fees for this service unless the payment doesn’t go through (insufficient funds) whereby, there will be a $5 dishonour fee applied to the customer. Paying fortnightly means you can spread your payment out over a longer period. This will help you manage your budget. Fees are debited fortnightly during the term period you are playing (5 payments during the term) on-going each term until you advise us you wish to stop.
  • Want a break – initially for everyone (including Term 3 customers) there is a 10 week commitment required for all players in Term 4. From Term 1 (February) if you want to have a break from classes all you need to do is provide us with 14 days written notice and we will stop your enrolment. You can come into and out of the program as you please, however each time you start up again, you must commit to participating in 10 weeks of lessons each time. You can stop mid-term.
  • New semester report for kids – As part of the changes we are making, we are excited to announce the introduction of brand-new player reports which will provide you with a breakdown of your child’s competencies within their level. You will see how your child is tracking against the criteria of the level in which they play, which will help assist you and your child’s coach to help them reach the next level. 

 Please note – School Holiday Tennis Camps for juniors and Cardio Tennis and Adult Drills can be purchased on a pay per play basis via our website still.  

CLICK HERE to read our FAQ’s on questions that may arise through this change.

 Thanking you in advance for your patience and understanding whilst we transition to this new system. 

 Best Regards, 


Matt Bull 

Director of Tennis Factory