3rd June 2020  (updated from 2 April, 2020)


Tennis Factory Guidelines for the Continuation of Play  

We will look to minimise the effects of COVID-19 while still enjoying our time on the court. 


Stay at home if you: 

  • Have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days 
  • Have been overseas or exposed to someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days 
  • Have flu-like symptoms – cold, sore throat, body aches


  • We prefer people core to playing should attend tennis activities such as players, participants, coaches and operational personnel 
  • We prefer that people arrive and leave as close as possible to their lesson time 
  • We prefer that only one parent/guardian accompany younger children where possible 
  • No racquets to be loaned, players must bring their own racquet 
  • Payments to be made online – no cash will be accepted 
  • If your child is late please ensure they wash their hands at the hand washing station prior to joining the group 


Tennis holds a unique advantage as a sport which requires no direct contact between players 

  • Touch racquets instead of the regular pre or post-match handshakes 
  • Try to keep 1.5 metres away from other people whilst watching or attending an outdoor tennis activity and avoid close contact by moving around indoors


To protect against infection, we will: 

  • Wash/sterilise hands before and after play, avoid touching our faces whilst playing 
  • Not share water bottles and bring our own full bottle  the water cooler will be shut down 
  • Wash our hands frequently with soap and water or hand-sanitiser when available, before and after eating, after going to the toilet 
  • Cover our coughs and sneezes, cough into your forearm and dispose of any used tissue immediately in a closed bin 
  • Avoid touching our faces 
  • Be aware of what surfaces we touch and clean them afterwards


  • Maintain attendance records of participants for the purposes of contact tracing
  • Position our participants at well-spaced stations – Maintain a strict limit of a minimum of 2
    square metres per person.
  • We will maintain social distancing at all times including when giving feedback and whilst players are
  • Ensure thorough cleaning of coaching equipment
  • Implement a 15-minute buffer between participants, to ensure equipment can be cleaned
  • Payments to be made online via EFTPOS – avoid handling cash.
  • We will limit the use of equipment
  • Control any handling of any coaching equipment 
  • Coaches to pick up balls at the end of a basket/exercise/end of lesson 


Providing a clean environment to play tennis in, is important.  

  • All players will be asked to use hand sanitiser before and after lessons
  • We will provide hand-sanitiser at all main contact points like the desk
  • All surfaces, such as counters, table tops, doorknobs, bathroom fixtures, toilets, phones, keyboards, tablets, and tables will be cleaned regularly wearing disposable gloves 
  • Signage about handwashing and hygiene techniques are displayed around the club 
  • Our tennis gear will be disinfected with an alcohol-based disinfectant including racquets, balls, coaching equipment etc. 
  • Gates will be left ajar during operating hours


Yours sincerely 

Matthew Bull