Junior Tennis Pathway

Stage 2 – Progress

‘Progress’ is the second stage of our Junior Tennis Pathway and is for kids who are playing more tennis, want to do more tennis lessons and are starting to experience their first tennis matches.

If you’re new to Tennis Factory, please speak to us if you believe your child is of Progress standard.

Progress Junior Tennis Pathway

Our Progress Programs

Red Plus

5-8 Years

Although still developing their fundamental motor skills as in the Red (Develop) group, players will spend a larger amount of time developing their strokes. Another larger component of the lesson will be a focus on developing an understanding of the game and how that influences how it is played.

Maximum of 6 students per coach.

Orange Plus

8 – 10 Years

This group follows a similar curriculum to the Orange (Develop) programme but with more advanced exercises to match the players’ abilities. With similar-standard players in the group, each player improves rapidly in this class.

Maximum of 6 students per coach.

Green Plus

9+ Years

It is exciting for a child to join Green Plus, because it means he/she is just 2 or 3 terms away from gaining the skills necessary to play Tennis West (TW) junior league.

Achievable but challenging goals are set by the squad’s coaches to push the players to reach the standard required to play in the league competition. With goals in place, it makes for a very excited and motivated bunch of players striving to improve.  Our main focus is to develop consistency on the serve and groundstrokes whilst introducing basic singles and doubles tactics.

Maximum of 6 students per coach.


11 – 16 Years

Weekly training for yellow-ball juniors, with different groups for different levels.

For new/inexperienced yellow-ball pennants players and for older kids who don’t want to play competition but want to improve their tennis: focus is on developing technique and rallying.

Squads Plus

11 – 16 Years

A weekly training session for stronger yellow-ball juniors.

This Squad is for players playing a higher grade of pennants and tournaments.

Training includes more tactical based points play and will include more advanced techniques and fitness.