Adult Programs

Cardio Tennis

If you want to keep fit and hit a lot of balls in a fun and sociable setting, our Cardio Tennis is the program for you.

These sessions are run by one of our coaches, but you won’t actually be coached; the coach will lead you through exercises to get you moving and hitting the ball.

Cardio Tennis is suitable for all abilities – from beginner to expert.

To book into your next Cardio session, click on the button below, log into your account, select your club and book into a session. You can pay for Cardio by either purchasing a Cardio Credit (purchasing credits allows you to get one session free) or by paying by Credit Card.

To purchase Cardio Credit, login to your InTennis account, select your club, locate Cardio Tennis and select CLICK HERE to purchase Cardio Credits. You will be directed to the My Lesson Credits page where you can top up your credits in the relevant program. Once you’ve topped up your credits these will be available to use as payment when booking into Cardio.

To pay by Credit Card simply login to your InTennis account, select your club, locate Cardio Tennis and click on the SELECT button, choose your classes and pay by credit card.

Life is busy, just come and play when you can!

Our drop-in tennis sessions are for players who can’t commit to regular weekly groups – just come along whenever you want and pay as you play.

You can pay for each session individually or buy a 9-session pass, with the 9th session free.

1-session and 9-session passes are all valid for a year, so you have plenty of flexibility.

You can turn up on the day for any session, but places are limited, so if you know you’re going to come along, then it’s best to book online in advance.

The program

Cardio Tennis is an energetic fitness-based tennis program which provides players of any level a great workout to music.

Each 1-hour session includes a warm-up (movement and light hitting), cardio (various drills to increase your heart rate) and a cool-down (lighter activity and stretching).

Playing tennis/hitting balls and getting a workout at the same time! Beats the gym any day of the week!

Our Cardio Tennis sessions run during school terms (40 weeks of the year), however if there are popular session times they will run all year-round. Check the dates when booking in.

We run early-morning, mid-morning and evening sessions and you just pay each time you play.

But once you’ve tried it and got hooked, why not buy a Cardio Card? Pay for 8 Cardio sessions and get your 9th session FREE.

1 hour duration.

Price: $20 per session or $160 for Cardio Card (9 session pass)