New senior coach wants more girls on court

girls on court

Onslow Park Tennis Club’s new senior tennis coach wants more girls to pick up a racquet.

Stephanie Davies, who has just arrived in Perth from Wales, is running a girls only tennis camp at the Shenton Park club during the school holidays to encourage more girls to participate in sport.

Studies show that young women are twice as likely as boys to be inactive and that they experience more barriers preventing them from being as physically active.

Stephanie believes that girls will play more sport when sporting clubs create environments where they are encouraged to give it a go without the fear of failure.

“Girls need an environment where they are able to express themselves without judgement from others”, she said.

The Girls Only Camp which will run at Onslow Park Tennis Club, Shenton Park on Friday July 13 from 1 to 4pm.

The theme of the afternoon is ‘Developing self-confidence for P.E and tennis’ and will consist of multi-sport and tennis activities for girls aged eight to fifteen years.