It’s time to enrol for Summer 2022/23 JUNIOR Pennants!

The Summer season will run from Sunday 16th October 2022 to Sunday 19th March 2023, (no matches during the school holidays).

Summer pennants is suitable for players in our Orange Plus, Green Plus, Squads and Squads Plus programs. The cost of playing pennants is $85 plus you must be a paid-up member of East Fremantle Lawn Tennis Club. See our flyer below for membership options, costs and uniform info.

For pennant registration,  – CLICK HERE – then select GROUP LESSON > EAST FREMANTLE > TW Junior League: 2022 Term 4 > Sunday 8:30am – 12:30pm. 

To join or renew your Club membership, CLICK HERE

Enrolment deadline is Sunday, 28th August 2022.

See our FLYER for more details.



Tennis West Junior League is a club competition for different ages and abilities played on Sunday mornings against other teams in Perth. For the older players there are separate leagues for boys and girls, and mixed gender leagues for 13/Under.

For the older players there are separate leagues for 15/Under and 18/Under with 4 players playing each time. There are leagues (mixed boys and girls) for Yellow Ball 13/Under, Green Ball 13/Under and Orange Ball 13/Under with 3 players playing each week.

A team consists of 5-6 players (15/Under and 18/Under) and 4-5 players (13/Under) of similar age and ability. Each team has a parent manager who organises the team throughout the season.

The competition is played on a ‘Home and Away’ basis for 12 weeks. The older players (15/Under and 18/Under) play 1 x singles rubber and 1 x doubles rubber per match with the younger players (13/Under) playing 1 x singles rubber and 2 x doubles rubber per match.

At the end of the 12 weeks, there is a finals series.

There are summer (October—March) and winter (May—August) competitions (no matches during school holidays). Starting time is 8:30am in summer and 9am in winter. All matches must be completed by 12:30pm (15/Under and 18/Under) and 11:30am (13/Under).


Every team must have a Team Manager. The Team Manager’s main responsibilities are to put together a roster for the season and to touch base each week with the three or four players rostered on for each match. If you would like to be a Team Manager for your son/daughter’s team please email competitions@tennisfactory.com.au.