Tennis Factory UTR Series – Event 1

Now the winter season is coming to a close, why not keep up your match sharpness with 2 matches against similar level players in the Tennis Factory UTR event!

This event is ideal for any age – for winter pennant players who’ve wrapped up their season, or players getting back into tennis after their winter sports are finishing.

The event will be conducted by our Competitions Manager James and held at East Fremantle Lawn Tennis Club. The details are:

  • Date: Sunday, 28th August 2022
  • Time: 10am to 3pm
  • Where: East Fremantle Lawn Tennis Club
  • Level: Yellow (18/under)
  • Cost: $40

There will be 8 groups of 4 players and in the 2nd round, the winners will play and the runners-up will play for 3rd. Best of 2 Tiebreak sets with a Match Tiebreak to decide the match if it is a set all.

UTR is the new ranking system introduced by Tennis Australia, which combines pennant results with other competitions players participate in. This tournament is perfect for players that have a UTR 4 or below or are new to tournament tennis.

To enter, CLICK HERE.

If you’d like more information, email our Competitions Manager James at

Entries close Sunday, 21st August 2022.